7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Winter is coming, and you know what that means! Holiday cheer, festive gatherings and, unfortunately, higher utility bills. The colder season makes us all crank up the heat in our homes and apartments. But with the need to buy holiday gifts (and the want to go out and celebrate the season), this isn’t a great time of year to find your bills climbing. That’s why we’ve gathered seven ways to keep your home warm this winter that don’t include adjusting your thermostat, won’t cost a fortune and take just five minutes or less to implement.

You’ve got options beyond  spiking your energy bill, sweating your home’s insulation or layering on sweater after sweater. With these tips, you can keep your home cozy and comfortable all winter long.

Draw the drapes

Did you know you have a heat source you can tap into throughout the day that’s completely free? It’s the sun! During daylight hours, pull all of your window coverings open so that big radiant heat source can do its thing. Then, as the sun sets, draw everything closed. This serves two purposes. The extra layer of insulation over you’re homes glass – which can transfer heat and cold too easily – keeps the chilly evening temps outside while trapping the day’s warmth inside. The thicker your curtains, the bigger difference they’ll make during the cold months.

Don’t let heat vanish through vents

When you run your vents, you open your home’s interior up to the cold, dry air outside. If you’re in the habit of leaving your bathroom vents open after your shower, change it up during the colder months to keep your home warm. Once you’re done in the bathroom, switch them off and leave the bathroom door open instead. The warm, damp air will help your house stay comfortable – and can give you some reprieve from the dryness of winter.

Flip your fans

Did you know that the direction ceiling fans rotate affects their performance? In the summer, you want the blades moving forward to push cool air into the room. In the winter, however, you want to reverse the direction of your fans (there should be a little switch on the side). Swapping the fan direction helps your fans take the warm air that accumulates at your ceiling and distribute it through the room.

Rearrange around your radiator

If you have a radiator, keep the area around it clear. If, for example, you have a couch sitting right in front of it, that couch will absorb the bulk of the heat it puts out. Opening up the area around your radiator helps the heat distribute throughout your house.

Similarly, check the areas around all of your vents. Furniture on top of floor vents isn’t doing you any favors when you’re trying to get warm air into your home this winter.

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