Chestnuts Roasting: Decorate with Holiday Nuts

Nuts are a popular part of traditional Christmas decorations. It was common to have nuts out during the holidays for guests in many traditional Christmas homes, and still remains a tradition in many homes today. Nuts also pop up in the lyrics of Christmas songs, like “Chestnuts Roasting Over an Open Fire.” If you want a traditional holiday vibe, you can’t go wrong incorporating nuts into your holiday decorations. Below are several creative ways to decorate with holiday nuts this season. The wonderful thing about using nuts in holiday decorations is how versatile and easy they are to work with, as you’ll see below.

A garland of holiday nuts

One of the most fun parts of holiday decorating is stringing together a garland. It’s relaxing and meditative. And you can make a garland out of just about anything: cranberries, popcorn, pinecones and, of course, nuts.

An example is the golden walnut garland in the photo above. You can make your own by hot gluing some nuts to twine. The one in the photo above is featured on Etsy, so you can also purchase one, if you’re not feeling too crafty. The metallic paint on the walnuts is a nice touch for the holidays. Silver, green or red paint would look good for a seasonal theme, too.

A fruit and nuts wreath

Another idea to decorate with holiday nuts is to add some to a wreath. The wreath above has a fruit and nut theme and is also featured on Etsy.

However, it’s easy to make your own. You can add nuts to just about any holiday wreath. Some additional hazelnuts, chestnuts or walnuts added as accents fit right in with any seasonal theme. You might also consider painting the nuts in seasonal colors like gold, silver, red, white or green before adding them to a wreath. Metallic shades especially will help the nuts pop as part of the wreath design. You can also add seasonal items to a regular green wreath, like nuts, cranberries, pinecones and holiday ribbon.

Walnuts and candles

Nuts also pair well with holiday candles. A seasonal scented candle  looks even more festive surrounded by walnuts, like in the photo above. It’s a simple matter of placing the candle in a glass display vase and surrounding it with the nuts. This idea couldn’t get any easier.

Another idea to decorate with holiday nuts is to get a deep, wide glass vase. Then fill the vase with a combination of nuts, cranberries, pinecones or other favorite seasonal items. Then you can place an LED candle on top of the items to reduce the fire hazard. These could work well as table centerpieces, accents on end tables or as part of a holiday mantel display.

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