How to Get the Perfect Valentine’s Day Table Setting

If you’re planning a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to make sure everything is just perfect. And even if you’re single, it can be fun to have a Valentine’s Day gathering just among friends. The best way to set the mood for the day is to make sure you have an amazing Valentine’s Day table setting.

There are several ways to go about decorating a table for Valentine’s Day, from bright pink accents to bold heart designs to classy Victorian chic styles. So below are several ideas for getting a classy Valentine’s Day vibe at your dining room table.

Bold Valentine’s Day Table Setting

One of the cutest upscale ways to get a Valentine’s Day table setting is to go for bright pink shades. Bright shades give just about anything an uplifting, modern and artsy feel. You can see how some classy bright pink roses set the tone in the table setting above.

Meanwhile, the lightest pink pearls make the bright pink color well-integrated with the rest of the table. It balances the pink and white shades in one piece. And by balancing the pop of bright pink with plenty of white, you keep this concept grounded and chic. A darker pink in the tableware also grounds out the look.

Creative Red Accents

Red is also a great design choice for Valentine’s Day. Bright cherry reds really pop in a space and bring the whole area to life. So using red accents on a Valentine’s Day table setting is a wonderful way to celebrate the season in a bold and classy way.

One example is the table setting in the photo above, which makes use of some gorgeous red accents. The lock to the heart is a cute little metaphor and matches the color scheme. Small accents like the red hearts also give a subtle shot of color. And the large red napkin sets the tone.

A Romantic Vibe

Another idea for a Valentine’s Day table setting is to go very traditionally romantic. The table setting in the photo above does a wonderful job of layering different textures on top of each other to make a classical table setting.

The white, textured doilies contrast well with the sleek, red tablecloth. Little accents, like the pearls, give a very romantic and classy feel. And plenty of roses and candles help add to the romantic vibe. Feel free to get creative with the dessert presentation itself, like how the syrup spells out the word love.

Victorian Chic

Speaking of going classic, you might also want to try a Victorian table setting for Valentine’s Day. What makes the Victorian style so applicable to this holiday is the use of romantic flower prints, which were common in the era. It gives you a wonderful excuse to incorporate plenty of pink flower prints into the dishes, like on the teacup and plates in the photo above.

The Victorian style is also one of timeless romance. It’s dominated by fine textures like lace and bold flower textures like bouquets. And by aiming for the lighter shades of white and pink, like in the photo above, you can keep this look firmly in the chic realm.

Subtle Beachside Theme

Most people probably don’t think to combine subtle Valentine’s Day accents with a beach theme. But that’s what makes it so special and creative. You can see in the photo above how subtle pink accents combine with sea items, like the starfish and seashells.

A centerpiece like this is also easy to place on a table as part of a larger Valentine’s Day theme, like alongside red candles and roses. It can also go on a more neutral table setting and add a hint of romance. It’s a wonderful idea for if you’re spending the holiday in a seaside resort and you want to make the night special. It’s also a good idea for nauticalhome themes.

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